Warranties at Trading Post Scotland

What you get

Every used car comes with a 3 month warranty regardless of its age or mileage. It is a mechanical breakdown warranty that we believe offers a good level of cover for our customers. It is independent from ourselves which we think is a good thing, as it is all there in black and white and doesn't rely on "contributions" from the customer unlike some warranties out there!

Some Important Parts

The points shown above are only some of the parts covered but give a good indication of the level of cover we offer everyone. And remember, it is a Parts AND Labour Warranty.

Experian Check - What Does It Cover?

Not Stolen - We think this is pretty important! Experian goes to insurers, the Police and DVLA to check the registration number and also the chassis number which are then matched to our vehicle and V5 registration document.

No ABI Condition - This is an area where a lot of people have been stung. If a car has been in an accident where the insurance company deem it to be uneconomical to repair then the car will be "written off". When this happens they are classed as either an A,B,C or D. When a car is classed as an A or B it is highly unusual to see it on the road whereas C and D classed cars are seen more often. All of the cars at Trading Post Scotland are classed as "Clear" as we would never sell a car that has been written off.

No Import/Export Data - This is an area that we as a business have always steered clear of as we believe that it is far better to be able to verify the history of a car, and that could be difficult if it was imported.

No High Risk - If a car has been stolen and recovered then it would be classed as high risk or if the DVLA were holding information on the car it would also come up.

No Finance - Quite a self explanatory one really! Just to ensure that there is no outstanding finance on the car because if there is, the car could belong to the finance company and your money would be lost.